June 6, 2011 – Washington – The New York Representative democrat that serves in the House of Representatives on Capitol Hill is facing criticism for a possibly lewd photo that he admitted he sent via Twitter to a woman in Washington state, all while he is in his first year of being newly married.  The photo was of his groin while wearing underwear.

Rep Anthony Weiner came under fire when a photo was sent to a woman in Washington and he subsequently denied it when faced with questions from constituents and the media.  He then alluded that his Twitter account was hacked and someone sent it as a prank saying “I get it, my last name is Weiner, haha.”  He responded to questions of why he did not notify Capitol police of the FBI by saying he did not think it was a federal offense and that he believed it to be a joke and nothing more.

After angrily lashing out at the media for questioning his integrity, and faced with mounting pressure by his lack of a cohesive response, Rep. Weiner held a news conference a few days later to announce that he, in fact, did send the picture, and admitted that is was poor taste and bad judgment.  Rep Weiner also noted that he is not stepping down from Congress.

Do we hold politicians to a higher standard?  Are actions like these forgivable?  Do his actions mean he is unfit for an office of public trust?  Have we ever done similar silly acts?  These questions have been raised in quiet corners, and voters will decide come next election.

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