Orlando – FRUSTRATION is reaching an all-time high with road construction in Orlando.  Commuters loath it, wreaking havoc on the suspension of vehicles, adding time to our drive, and causing unsafe conditions leading to accidents.  Business loose money with a measurable negative impact on their bottom line.  So why does road construction take so long?  The weak economy, red tape, bad business practices, and reduced state or county oversight all play a contributing factor.

Many people have expressed that more and more it seems road construction in the Orlando area is taking longer and longer than it used to and longer than it needs to.  But the answers aren’t so simple.

The contractors who win the bid to do the work often blame slow DOT inspections, and their subcontractor’s delays.  Subcontractors blame the city, county and state officials for untimely permits; government workers blame utility companies for the slow handling of moving electric, cable, and phone lines.  All blame the weak economy,  pointing out that subcontractor and contractors alike that have won bids have gone out of business leaving them unable to move forward while they look for a replacement contractor.

The truth is, its a combination of all of it, but in our interviews and research, we find the most common culprit is economics.  But not directly as a result of the economy, but rather large contractors gobbling up more work than they have the manpower to do.  Often rotating crews from one work site to another.  The logic seems to be; they can work several jobs at once thereby having more paid contracts in the pocketbook.

Probably the second most common problem is government agencies and the DOT responsible for funding the project are slow to pay, and pay only in increments once they’ve inspected each portion, and add to that those inspections happen at a snail’s pace.  The DOT has laid off several inspectors over the last three years.

Meanwhile, commuters and business left with poor roads, and fewer customers visiting business due to the lack of easy in and out’s.

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