June 6, 2011 – In an attempt to support and defend Sarah Palin’s recent comments while in Boston on her highly publicized road trip, supporters and staff have attempted to edit the Wikipedia article about revolutionary patriot Paul Revere.

Palin recently recounted Paul Revere’s ride,  giving an account significantly different than what is taught in thousands of school books and on independent encyclopedias like Wikipedia. When later questioned about her recollection of the tale, she stated she knows American history but gave yet again a slightly different account.

In an odd twist, Palin supporters and staff have reportedly attempted to edit Wikipedia’s published article on Paul Revere to match her version.  Interestingly, she said she was just answering a “gotcha” question from the crowd.  When the question was played back, it said nothing about Boston’s history, Paul Revere, or the American Revolution, rather just asking how she was enjoying her trip.

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