Lulz Security, or LulzSec, a hacker group responsible for nearly 20 cyber attacks since early May of this year, has plans to continue and escalate in scale, according to the group’s Twitter account, which they use to announce their activities. The targets of their attacks have varied widely, from the U.S. Senate and CIA to Nintendo and Sony. They have invoked they are of more than a few law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, and even private sector security firms.

In the most recent attempts at thwarting or stopping the group, a 19-year old UK man was arrested, who allegedly had ties to the group and assisted in previous attacks. Also, the FBI recently seized servers from a hosting company in Virginia, which speculatively hosts to some of the group’s IRC chat rooms.

Many news organizations, including Fox News, reported that the UK man whom that have arrested, Ryan Cleary, was suspected of being a mastermind behind the organization. According to LulzSec, Ryan Cleary is “at best, mildly associated with [them].” They previously stated that “Ryan Cleary is not part of LulzSec; we house one of our many legitimate chatrooms on his IRC server, but that’s it.” Scotland Yard’s public release of the charges leveled against Mr. Cleary does not implicate nor indicate any involvement with the group.

As for the FBI’s seizure of servers, the connection to the group is unverified. There was no mention of the raid by LulzSec on their Twitter account or website, and the hosting company itself, DigitalOne, has not said whom the FBI was interested in, only that it was one of their clients. However, despite being involved in just one of DigitalOne’s clients, the FBI took three server racks, which also hosted other websites. The removal of the servers knocked most of those websites offline.

The group has announced that it plans to release “Payload #1″ tomorrow, on Friday 24, as the first part of its joint operation with another hacking group, Anonymous, which they have dubbed “Operation Anti-Security.” They stated that it is the first part of the operation with “Hopefully… many more to come!”

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