Wildfires Interfere with 4th of July Fireworks

The especially dry year and the unusually high number of wildfires are prompting officials around the state to ban home fireworks, and in some cases public fireworks are being called off as well.

There are over 400 separate wildfires in Florida currently keeping Wildland Firefighters busy and over worked.  While most of the fires have been caused by lighting, a few have been caused by careless campers, and sadly by arsonists.  Officials from the Division of Forestry and the Florida Division of Law Enforcement, FDLE, are investigating some of the fires.

A large fire burns east of Orlando in early June

An out of control wildfire consumes a home

Officials have urged the public to contact their local fire agency to find out if personal fireworks have been banned in their area, and when using them, have a hose or supply of water nearby and use them in open areas, preferably on concrete.  Most fires caused by fireworks start at the site of the fireworks' base and quickly grow out of control.

In checking with the theme parks, Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World all said they still intend to have their annual fireworks bonanza, but said they are monitoring the fire warning conditions and will reduce or eliminate shows if warranted. Unlike public shows that have substantial open areas and robust fire protection systems in place, home users seldom do.

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