Operation Orlando, of the cyber-attack group Anonymous, has published their demands by littering the Orange County Courthouse steps in Orlando, FL with flyers detailing a list of demands.

A group of about 5 showed up today at about 8 pm to distribute their flyers across the courthouse grounds and steps. In a scene from V for Vendetta, using Guy Fawkes masks, the group proceeded around the main entry and courtyard flinging its message.

In an effort to highlight its social cause, the group has taken to cyber attacks, vowing to bring down one Orlando related website a day, and so far has kept true to its claims they say, taking down the Orlando Airport’s website, plus Mayor Buddy Dyers re-election site, Visit Orlando, and the Orlando Chamber of Commerce. The group says they are protesting the Orlando City ordinance that prohibits people from feeding or giving homeless people food. Operation Orlando is supporting Food Not Bombs’ efforts to provide food and care to the city’s homeless population, however, the two groups are not affiliated.

The demands listed on their flyer include A cessation of all arrests for public feeding in the city parks, The immediate release of Keith McHenry from custody, and Drop all related charges against everyone for either feeding or trespassing (feeding more than once) in the parks.

Keith McHenry, who was born in 1957 and lives in New Mexico, is a Food Not Bombs co-founder and was in Orlando to protest the city ordinance when he was arrested.

McHenry is the great great great grandson of Dr. James McHenry, one of the signers of the U.S. Constitution as a delegate of the then-colony of Maryland.

The event ended shortly after it started with an Orange County Sheriff’s Deputy coming out of the Courthouse building who chased them away saying “you better get your … moving or you’re going to end up in jail”. Members calmly walked away exiting to the southeast side of the building complex.

We were able to be present for the event and document it after being tipped off by an anonymous source, who later sat down for an interview with us. The article covering the interview will be posted within a few days.