In another attack, Anonymous, as part of the relatively new AntiSec movement, has again hacked Arizona police websites culling personal data of several officers and releasing some of it to the public, including things like private emails and PayPal transactions.

While law enforcement says these actions are illegal and in some cases can affect national security–such as the breaches at government websites like the CIA–the hacker group says they are taking these actions to protest corrupt and abusive government and law enforcement agencies, and laws that they feel are discriminatory and unfair, such as the controversial anti-immigration law in Arizona.

The group hopes to highlight activities of personnel to lawmakers that show discrimination and corruption and said this is the only way to hold them accountable.

– In another attack, a branch of Anonymous, Operation Orlando, is launching attacks against one Orlando related website a day to protest city ordinances against homeless people in Orlando, which it feels violate free speech by placing limits on feeding the homeless. They have released a statement today on a website called, which offers free text postings to anyone; has been used as an outlet for some of these groups’ statements and releases. You can read today’s Operation Orlando release here, as well as keep up with more releases from the group’s Twitter account, here.

While the Arizona incident was an infiltration into the site taking information, the Orlando incidents have mainly been DDoS attacks, aimed solely at bringing down websites, as well as other pranks and methods of hindering or disabling internet traffic.

Central Florida is home to the nation’s largest population of homeless teens and minors. Look for an upcoming article that will delve deep into the chronic problem of homelessness, specifically teenagers and other minors in Central Florida.