Well, today we are finally getting to the closing arguments in the Casey Anthony trial. Good God almighty I’m happy that this is almost over.

Now Florida has never had a shortage of the stupid news media to use and abuse. Look at fark.com the news aggregate website that gets enough submissions about Florida we got our tag. No other state has earned that achievement (yay?). The circus that has ensued would make OJ Simpson blush. Jesus Christ, we have people in neck braces running for a chance to be in the courtroom. Stupid TGIFriday waiters are flipping the bird in the courtroom. You can’t turn on the tv in central Florida without seeing the “tot moms” mug (thanks nancy grace for giving us that gem.

Its ok to be interested in the case but for the love of god people it wasn’t your family involved so SHUT THE (bleep) UP! Leading up to this the news media would interview people on why they were following it. Typically you get the old southern woman saying Lil Caylee is central Florida’s daughter. No, she is not!!!

Unless you are related to Anthony’s or whoever the hell the father is, you are not apart of this. It might the type of crap that makes Floridians look like sun-baked rubes. I will be happy when this is all over, and we can get back to normal recognizing the important things. Like hoping the next stupid story happens in the other 49 states.

– by Leo

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