Today I was reading a feed on twitter from a friend who works at the Orlando Sentinel covering the Casey Anthony fiasco errrrr I mean trial. During the closing statements the prosecution while quoting used the “F” word. Won’t someone please think of the children. My friend commented, “Hey FCC are you listening?!”.

This made me again think about how much of how stupid idea is it that in a nation that prides ourselves on free speech there are words we cannot legally say on tv. WTF? I’m sorry, but it’s just words people get over it. The idea that someone can tell me that I can’t say certain words is insane.

I realize that a person quoting something in a court is different than a drama using the word, but again it’s a word. If I scream the F word at the top of my lungs on national tv, you know what will happen? Nothing! The world won’t stop spinning. Peoples ears won’t explode. Satan himself won’t ride into town on a flaming pony.

It’s time we all grow up with curse words. As a kid the only reason we said curse words was because it was taboo. You would laugh and giggle when they were heard. As an adult, you got over it and realized that these are just words. I’m not saying we should force kids to listen to them but don’t censor for everyone. If your parent does your job and censor your kids if you want.

The FCC’s job should be to make sure that tv and radio stations don’t overlap each other. The government has no business telling me what the hell to say.

Endnote: the irony of me not using the F word on here is not lost. The site owner made a request that it not be used and since this is a privately owned site that I am being allowed to post my views I choose to comply.

– by Leo

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