U.S. Government and security experts are warning that terrorist in Al Qaida’s Yemen branch is trying to evade enhanced screening techniques and technologies by implanting humans with explosives, and within items commonly found on airplanes. While this is not new, the threat has grown as other methods once used have become difficult for them to use.

Since 9/11, security at airports in the U.S. and abroad have increased in major ways, with new random screening methods, undercover passenger interactions, sniffing machines, scanning machines, and pat-downs. The government routinely warns other governments and airline-related businesses of new threats, hoping to give them an edge against what is usually classified intelligence of possible or impending threats.

Most threats and attempts are planes bound for the U.S., and that is what most of the newest techniques are geared towards. Lines at foreign airports for flights to the United States can be long, with multiple layers of security–some visible and some not–such as pre-flight screening of passengers, profile building of passengers, and undercover passenger interactions from what are seemingly other normal passengers.

The U.S. says they are winning the fight, pointing to the fact that there has not been a successful bombing of an airline since 9/11 within U.S. jurisdiction.

That means little to passengers who do not perceive the threat as that great, and who are routinely humiliated by TSA agents at the nation’s airports. Hearings are underway in Congress to examine TSA techniques and find a better way to ensure the safety of the traveling public while ensuring rights of passengers.

Political statements by some take advantage of this huge gaffe in American security policies; 4th Amendment Underwear makes underwear that quotes the 4th amendment of the constitution, quoting the right of citizens to be protected from unreasonable searches without probable cause by law enforcement. The underwear text is printed in a metallic ink that shows up on TSA scans.

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