As previously reported by TFNJ, Verizon is ditching its unlimited plan.  Verizon customers who don’t sign up for one by Friday will be out of luck of being grandfathered in.  In a move sure to upset Verizon customers, once a customer’s contract is up, they will be forced to move to a new data plan and will not be offered an unlimited package.

Verizon will have the most expensive rates of the mobile phone providers, $30 for 2gb, $50 for 5gb, and $10 for each GB over.

In other news… Sprint PCS is now considering doing the same, being the last holdout of the mobile phone providers to offer unlimited data.  According to Dan Hesse, Sprint PCS CEO, “we will run out of bandwidth” unless something is done.  Sprint, unlike AT&T or Verizon, does not have deep pockets and is saddled with mounds of debt, so upgrading their bandwidth capacity is not a likely option.

In keeping with what many critics say about Sprint, they will continue to offer “horrible” customer benefits.  An executive overseeing Sprint’s data center in Overland Park, Kansas recently said there is just no way they can grandfather in users on unlimited plans and still stay in business.

Sprint is again hemorrhaging money as it stayed the course of offering unlimited plans to woo new subscribers, but it has come at a steep price.  Not enough new subscribers came who use fewer data and it has not created a positive cash-flow for the mobile phone provider, and debt associated with its data network has proven a horrible return on investment.

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