So it looks like we are close to passing this credit ceiling thing to prevent the economy from going Chernobyl on us (Fukushima didn’t seem sturdy enough for a reference). As usual, each party is taking the stance that they are for the American people and the other party wants to grind your bones into dust so they can snort off a teen mom stripper but.

I don’t belong to a party because I’m an American which should be the only party. Republicans and Democrats make me sick. All they do is bitch and argue while not getting any work done. Instead of working together everyone is split along party lines. You don’t dare be an individual, or you forsake the political fraternity and bank. If you vote based on your mind, it’s and not with the collective you are hunted down and beaten down. You know who else only act as groups and cause harm? Gangs!!

Republicans and Democrats are no better than the blood or crips. Hell, I would say they are worst. You never hear a gang banger try to spin the drive-by shooting he just did into a positive. Most gang members would are honest about who and what they serve.

Listening to these political blowhards on tv trying to spin like a record player. So I say if you are going to call yourself a republican or democrat do everyone a favor don’t wear red or blue bandanas you’ll just be insulting the integrity of the gangs.

– by Leo

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