50 or more people are feared dead in an airplane crash. It crashed while trying to land at the Kisangani airport in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 53 survivors have been rescued by government rescue services.

Congolese Airlines, flying an old Boeing 727, has had a string of crashes, the most recent before this being a DC-9 that crashed in 2008 killing 44 while on its way to the eastern Congolese city of Goma.

In April of this year, 32 people were killed when a United Nations plane crashed as it tried to land at the airport serving Congo’s capital Kinshasa. The operator of the plane was Georgian flag carrier Airzena Georgian Airways.

According to Hewa Bora’s website, the airline has two Boeing 727s, both configured as passenger planes with 137 economy seats and 12 business class seats. They fly solely within Congo.

Boeing stopped production of the 727, the best selling aircraft of all time, in 1984, making the newest 727 an ancient 26 years old.