America is getting fatter, and the numbers back it up. The average in all but one state is at least a 20% obesity rate. Colorado came in at 19.8%, while the rest of the states were 20%+.

Florida came in 29th of the 50 states at 25.2%, and Mississippi topped the list with 34.4% of adult Mississippians being obese.

Studies have long warned that our nation is becoming less active, eating larger portions, and consuming unhealthy meals on the go. Those are the primary reasons the body gets fatter.

While initiatives to slim down over the last several years through teaching how to cook healthier, easy tricks on how to be more active in your daily life, and how to shop and save while doing it, it appears to not help the average citizen. There has been a measurable success in micro-communities with specialized incentives, however, the vast majority of Americans are not getting it.

Obesity leads to heart disease–the number one killer in the U.S.–diabetes, plus a long list of other ailments.