Rumors abound about the next iPhone, as usual. And now, there’s one more, even more, spectacular than those who are already out.

There is speculation that the next generation iPhone might have 3D imaging. The evidence is based off a picture of a supposed prototype which has two cameras on the back, and the fact that Apple filed a patent for a 3D imaging system.

See the images for yourself, on Chinese tech blog The copyright first registered in 2009, and the picture has several disparities between the phone it shows and Apple’s usual formats, including the spot where it reads “iPhone 5” on the back. Apple doesn’t usually include the model or generation number there.

It also doesn’t match up with other rumors about the new iPhone getting a bigger screen, but of course, those are just rumors, and the next iPhone may look just like the current iPhone 4. Apple is, per their standard M.O., mum on the subject. We’ve included photos of the current iPhone 4 and 3GS models below for your comparison.

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