The West Coast Green Project, an initiative being rolled out by the federal government and private companies will start installing electric car charging stations on I-5 from Oregon, through Seattle and on to the Canadian border, to be ready for use by the end of the year.

In conjunction but by a separate company, EV Project is working to install hundreds of such stations from Everett, Washington in the north to Olympia, the state capital.

The overall project is to create a “green highway” along the west coast of the United States within a year.  EV Project is a partnership between the federal government and San Francisco based ECOtality.  The goal is to allow electric vehicles typically bound to a local area by the lack of charging stations to be able to travel the entire 1,350 miles from Mexico to Canada.

The stations along Interstate 5 will be at easy on-off exits that have retail stores, gas stations, malls or other conveniences.  EV Project spokeswoman Tonia Buell said, “We’ll have one of the longest, strongest EV networks in the nation.”  Being able to say that is what EV Project hopes will bring future infrastructure business their way.

Most believe having electric cars is the easiest way to cut pollution and greenhouse gases, but without a network of charging stations, sales of such cars have been limited.  No word yet on the price to charge up a car.

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