It's not news it's well... Crap

So tonight on the news two breaking news stories. Jose Baez attorney for Casey Anthony visiting his client in jail. The second breaking news was some little story about the SWAT team at a house. The news anchors were more excited about Jose Baez visiting his client in jail then what could be a tense standoff.

How the hell is Jose Baez visiting that broad news??? Jesus Christ on a Chrysler are the media going thru media going thru a Casey Anthony withdrawal? Maybe it's just me but what is news worthy about a lawyer visiting his client? Oh wait it's not. I was afraid this would happen. Now that the trial is done and "tot mom" is almost free the news media after going months heavy taking the fix of the trial is ready to free base anything to get that high they felt during the trial.

The fact that this was but in the same class of story as a SWAT team stand off is just said. Come on Orlando media let's do a little better before you have lick the bottom of a ashtray to get a taste of what your missing.

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