Washington, D.C. –

The FAA is shutting down on Friday.  The stalemate that is threatening to shut down the FAA is going nowhere fast since the Senate and the House can’t agree on a funding solution.  The Agency has had continuing short-term resolutions to keep it operating.

Air Traffic Controllers would not be affected because they are considered essential, but all other non-essential employees would receive pink slips tomorrow if Congress can’t agree.

The conflict is over federal subsidies for flights to rural airports, the number of flights that should be allowed at Washington’s Reagan National Airport and anti-union restrictions in the House bill.

The House of Representatives passed a bill that would give fixed funding to the federal agency at last, but the Senate won’t accept it leading to the showdown.

But the lack of a bill that is acceptable to both will force some operations to come to a crawl and will affect contractors and vendors immediately, closing the payables they depend on.  It could also affect some air traffic because the airspace is controlled by a series of ground controllers that receive flight information from airlines, and is controlled by a vast bank of computers and data centers, which presumably would not be staffed during the shutdown.

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