As the summer draws towards an end so does the freedom of our kids as the start of school approaches. Most parents know this as the time when their little crotchfruits harvest their bank accounts for back to school needs.

Go into any retailer that sells school supplies and next to the kiosk with all the various schools shopping lists you will hear the grumbles and bitching of parents about how much money they are spending on supplies. Even sadder are the annual stories about teachers having to pay more and more each year to teach.

There is an excellent organization in Central Florida called A Gift For Teaching. Its purpose is to offer a teachers access to an ample supply of donated teaching materials. The fact that this organization exists is pretty F-king sad! We consider ourselves a leader in the industrial world and yet our teachers have to go to a charity organization to get the needed supplies to teach your kids.

This is pathetic, sad, disgusting, and a host of other blood boiling emotions. Teachers who let’s be honest next to parents are the most important people that your children will come into contact with. Teachers who devote their lives to ensuring that our kids have the knowledge to grow up are paid crap have to go out of their pockets to provide a proper education.

If you would like to know who is to blame for this look in a mirror. Every time there vote to increase your taxes by a whole penny the community comes unglued with torches & pitchforks in their hands screaming bloody murder.

Come on people we all have to get off our asses and realize that our kids and teachers earn more respect. It is disgusting that some stupid basketball player wins millions of dollar for playing a game for a few months out of the year, but a teacher barely makes a livable wage.

We all share the blame in the state of our schools and the burden we put on teachers. It does not matter if your some single frat boy who doesn’t want kids or some old yenta who’s kids are all grown up we all have to share the burden.

Angrily yours,

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