Just after yesterday’s magnitude 5.8 earthquake near Mineral, Va., airports across the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast U.S. shut down causing delays and backups, missed connections for travelers, and a ripple effect that spread across the globe.

Dulles, Reagan National, Baltimore, Newark, JFK, and Philadelphia all shut parts or all of their airport operations immediately after the unusual earthquake that struck in Virginia, causing localized damage across the region to older homes, and civic structures. No damage has been reported at any of the airports, however, officials needed to check runways, and airport facilities and some were evacuated in the process.

Flights departing were put on hold while air traffic controllers at some airports moved to back up emergency locations before resuming work. Because the Northeast region has large international airports, it had a ripple effect on the flight across international flights and airports. However, most of the back up has been eliminated this morning and flights were returning to normal.

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