Hurricane Irene Hits Bahamas, Airports Closed, Speeds Up

Hotels report being sold out in the Bahamas as some tourists get stuck with airports closing and residents staying in hotels rather than at home, feeling safer there.  Top sustained winds have reached 120mph with wind gusts reaching 155mph.  Irene is currently crossing over the Turks and Caicos Islands and is fast appraoching the Bahamas moving NW at 12 mph.

The main airport in the Bahamas closed today at 3pm.

Irene is expected to hit Cape Hatteras, NC, then move on to the New Jersey coastline, then into Long Island, NY before finally crossing inland over Massachusettes. 

Irene is a strong category 3 and is expected to become a category 4, and is massive, spanning a size greater than the state of Texas.

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