Hurricane Shmiricane!

[EDITORIAL - The views and opinions expressed here are not necessarily the views and opinions of The Florida News Journal.]

Well we here in florida were spared the wrathe of hurricane Irene. I won't start on how that is such a lame name for a storm. What makes me nuts is how the news media in this town looks so disapointed that the storm is not going to hit their market. You can see the sadness as they are now not able to impress us with their super duper dopler 59 million acu-radar-intelli-sonar systems. Hurricane season is the go time for the meteorologists. This is when they get excited about finally being able to actually do some weather reporting. Up till then here in Florida the forcast really dosent change much in the summer. You can only phrase hotter then satan's butt so many times before it gets old.

No ladies and gentlemen this is the start of fear mongering season weather edition. The local stations remind us of the blatantly obvious when it comes to storm preperation. Yes we all know to buy gallons of water and stock up on barrels of tuna. Then certain people want to scare the living crap out of you with predictions that would make nostradamus cringe (were looking at you scary terry). The best part is when the lowest reporters on the totum pole are sent out in the middle of the crappy weather to report that the weather is crappy. Because god knows just pointing a camera out is not enough we need someone to use a coconut and a yard stick to demonstrate this (this is based on a true event... ugh).

Between the stoned out idiot suffers going on about how tubular the waves are. The old shirtless redneck barracading his house. The over protective mom who is stuffing her van to the brim. It is no wonder that we arent in a state of emergency all the time just based on the people.

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