Hurricane Irene's Death Toll at 12 so far

So far, Irene is responsible for the deaths of 12 people, and 128 injuries. As the storm grew closer, it weakened and that along with the many evacuations and emergency preparations helped keep the count low.

As some of the 4 million electrical customers whose power went out began to have power restored, other businesses and production services are coming back to life as well. Power production and oil refining in the northeast has already resumed. New York City took a direct hit, but thanks to losing much of its force, the city was largely spared major damage or loss of life. Flooding has been reported in some subways and tunnels, but officials have already begun the clean up, as demanding New Yorkers expect mass transit to resume service.

Wall Street will also be open for business come monday morning, further showing that Irene's power was largely lost just prior to hitting North Carolina who was also largely spared from damage other than minor flooding.

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Irene is now a tropical storm and will weaken further now that it is over land crossing New England and heading for Canada.

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