Dick Cheney’s new book is called “In My Time” and follows a long line of self-promoted voices of the Bush Administration. While many others have spoken out before now, Dick Cheney’s new book contradicts former president George W. Bush’s account of how things happened at critical moments of the 9/11 attacks, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Guantanamo detainees as well as legal interpretations for how to treat detainees.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney has served a long and distinguished public service career says Colin Powell and adds that he hopes his new book will focus on that. But already leaked from the book is a barrage of potshots at Colin Powell along with nearly every other administration official including Condoleezza Rice and former CIA director George Tenet.

Although one might assume Cheney is a war hawk, it is striking to realize he applied for and received approval for five draft deferments during the Vietnam War. Cheney grew up near Casper, Wyoming, attended Yale University and was arrested two times for drinking and driving. Cheney eventually went on to serve as an intern for a congressman, eventually elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, voted against the creation of the U.S. Department of Education, served as Secretary of Defense under the senior George H.W. Bush’s presidency, the 41st president. When the junior George W. Bush ran for president, he was on the Republican ticket as his VP.

Taking a more distant view of the entire Bush Administration’s voices over time, the majority have come out with not too much to say about Cheney, and what little was said did not exactly leap heaps of praise on him but rather labeled him a war hawk, neo-con, and impulsively mean and spiteful. Even Bush has largely remained mostly silent about Cheney.

But why Cheney’s book will have more significance than others who have spoken out is because he was the Vice President and he wrote the book himself. Granted he went through some editorial controls, it is largely his work. In an interview with NBC News, he was asked point blank if he is calling George W. Bush a liar, and with a slight grin said yes without using the word “yes” as many have interpreted.

Many see Dick Cheney as wielding significant power and imposed his views onto the presidency to which Bush could not say no, but in the interview, Cheney said repeatedly, “he made the decision” and that he only provided advice.

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