9/11 Anniversary Attacks: Officials say 2 Americans and 1 non-American are trying to attack

Washington, D.C. -

Officials from the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security, DHS, are saying they received credible but unconfirmed reports from a Pakistani lead which has proven correct in the past, that there will be an attempt to detonate an explosion from a vehicle on or near 9/11 for the 10th anniversary. They say the 3 man group is made up of 2 Americans and 1 foreign national.

Security has skyrocketed in the wake of an already heightened security weekend because of the 10th anniversary of 9/11 on Sunday and many memorials taking place in Washington and New York City. So far none of the memorial services planned at ground zero or in Washington have been cancelled and President Obama has not cancelled his planned visit to ground zero on Sunday either.

Authorities have urged everyone to be vigilant, and if you see something you think is suspicious, say something. Police have been inspecting trucks, vans and cars in and around New York City, especially on approaches to the major bridges and tunnels.

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