Israeli Embassy Raided, Egypt Declares State of Alert

Cairo, Egypt -

**Update: Egypt vows to bring to trial those responsible for the Israeli Embassy raids. 3 dead and over 1,000 injured since protest began Friday involving protesters burning an Israeli flag**

As protesters exercise their new found freedom by surrounding the Israeli Embassy in Cairo, the military in control of the transitional government has been slow to react to protect the embassy, as is international custom and agreements. Israel has criticized the Egyptian government for failing to provide adequate embassy protection, but also gave thanks that Egyptian commandos rescued Israelis.

Protestors were enraged by an event a few weeks ago when Israeli troops accidentally fired on and killed five Egyptian border guards while in pursuit of other militants, creating cross-border tensions.

Israel has since acknowledged the event and expressed its regrets and called for an investigation, but the people of Egypt never supported the peace treaty with Israel under the Mubarak regime and have said that is not enough. Post-Arab Spring uprisings, Egyptians that were protesting outside of the Israeli embassy which sits atop a residential building overlooking the Nile river, managed to break down a newly-erected concrete wall built by the military government in an effort to protect the Israeli embassy. While they ransacked the embassy, Egyptian commandos rescued six remaining Israeli personnel including the deputy ambassador.

As the military transitional government of Egypt continues to handle the daily responsibilities of the country, it has demonstrated that it is responsive to the population, a population that never wanted or liked a peace accord with Israel.

All of this is a bit alarming, and while the Egyptian government is unlikely to totally scrap its peace treaty with Israel, it is probable that Israel will see less cooperation, and much less of an "ally" stance from Egypt who previously helped Israel with security measures on a routine basis.

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