The F-22 Raptor, American’s newest stealth fighter jet will be returning to the skies soon, ready to fly sorties and take on its role.

The fleet was grounded in May over a problem involving 12 separate incidents with oxygen generators not working and pilots experiencing “hypoxia-like symptoms”.

After studying the problem extensively and after the entire fleet completes “extensive inspection of the life support systems,” the U.S. Air Force will begin a “comprehensive incremental return-to-fly plan”.

There are currently 160 of the expensive stealth fighter jets, and all are expected to return to active service within the next few months, with some as early as Wednesday.

ABC News reports the Pentagon initially ordered more than 600 of the fifth-generation fighters, but Congress stopped at funding 187 in 2009 under a hail of criticism over the fact that the planes are designed to take on other rival high-tech fighter jets — jets that did not exist at the time.

Only recently have rival major powers — including Russia and China — unveiled their prototypes for what are believed to be their own stealth fighters, supposedly capable of taking on the F-22.

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