Washington, D.C. –

A man scaled the fence to the White House near the western entrance and ran with a backpack towards the Presidential Residence, all while tourists were walking outside on Pennsylvania Ave. which was evacuated as this unfolded.

Enroute to the unknown destination he was ordered to the ground by Secret Service agents who had their weapons drawn. The Secret Service has not released the man’s name or why he tried this bizarre act. In a statement, the Secret Service said no one was injured and the man was taken into custody. He never actually made it close to the actual White House or Presidential Residence.

The backpack and its contents were searched and deemed safe.

The White House is one of the most highly protected residences in the world and is equipped with high tech sensors, myriad Secret Service agents, and other classified tools. The property also consists of the Old Executive Building where the Vice President’s office is located, the West Wing where the President’s staff works, and other security facilities.

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