Russian Crash Report Says Vodka and Fog Don't Mix Well, Contributed to Fatal Crash That Killed 47 on RusAir Flight

Moscow, Russia -

The Interstate Aviation Committee, the agency responsible for investigating air crashes in Russia, has concluded that the navigator had been drinking, and the dense fog were the primary contributing factors involving the crash of RusAir on June 20th.

Investigators said the navigator had a blood alcohol level of .081 and reportedly had been drinking vodka prior to departure and that he entered the wrong coordinates causing the airplane to descend down incorrectly and was too far to the right of the runway where it crashed on a nearby road.

Additionally, the pilot should have aborted the landing because of the dense fog instead of going ahead and attempting to land, the report concluded.

On board were 5 Americans who all died in the crash. They lived in Weston, Florida.

The report also recommended several changes to RusAir and national aviation standards to prevent a repeat of what happened. Russia had the most aviation related crashes of any country this year involving fatalities according to the Moscow Times.

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