HP Wants Meg Whitman Back and Wants to Oust Current CEO Leo Apotheker Amid Horrible Stock Losses

Palo Alto, CA -

HP's Board of Directors are feeling the fire from shareholders who have grown disgruntled with HP's current CEO, Leo Apotheker, who many feel has led the computer giant down a deflated road. HP is said to be wanting former CEO Meg Whitman back, at least as the interim leader, if not longer.

Bloomberg in citing its sources says that HP has been very unhappy with the recent volatility that they feel is largely due to Apotheker's move to spin off HP's computer making division, and stop making tablets, only then to say they will make more, delivering confusion to the public and the shareholders.

HP's erratic behavior and statements have pushed its stock prices to $24.19, down from a one year high of nearly $50, and has lost valuable market capitalization as a result.


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