Hillary Clinton's Mother Dies, Dorothy Rodham Passed Away at 92

Dorothy Rodham has passed away at the age of 92, and is survived by her daughter, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and her grandchildren Chelsea Clinton, Zachary Rodham, Fiona Rodham and Simon Rodham.

She was born on June, 4th 1919 as Dorothy Howell in Chicago and was the oldest of two daughters of Edwin Howell Jr., a firefighter, and Della Murray. Through divorce of her parents and a strict and harsh childhood she endured to eventually move back to Chicago after being sent to California during her youth. In 1942 she married Hugh Rodham.

Hillary Clinton said it was her mother's insistence that kept her studying and learning and gave her the hope and courage to get into politics.

Her husband died in 1993 while they were living in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Dorothy was not a stranger to her daughter's political career, having been seen milling about many meetings, offering words of hope and encouragement, but never about politics, instead remaining steadfast as a source of inspiration and support for her daughter.

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