Miami, Fla –

A Miami-based FHP Trooper’s patrol car was found covered in human waste earlier this week, and the main suspects are Miami Police Officers.

Outside investigators think it is in retaliation for an FHP trooper, Donna Watts, arresting Miami Police Officer Fausto Lopez speeding in his patrol car at up to 120 mph, weaving through traffic on the Florida Turnpike in Miami saying he was late to an off-duty security job. Watts said in arresting Lopez she is tired of watching Miami PD cars speeding down the Turnpike, endangering the lives of the public with no regard for the law. Read that story here.

This action has served to further divide South Florida law enforcement in the region, pitting Miami PD against the Florida Highway Patrol.

The FDLE, Florida Department of Law Enforcement, will get involved to investigate both incidents. Officials also said to not rush to judgment that it must be Miami Police officers, saying it could just as easily be an unhappy neighbor.

Regardless of what exactly happened, these two incidents further erode public confidence in South Florida law enforcement officials, particularly the Miami Police Department which already has other issues it is battling, such as citizen complaints of abuse of power.