Shots Fired At White House, Bullets Hit Window

Washington, D.C. -

According to the Secret Service, shots were fired yesterday at the White House. One shot hit a window and another bullet was found embedded into an exterior wall.

They said they are not sure if it is related to last week's shooting at the White House and are investigating. The bullet that hit the window did not make it through because windows at the White House are made of ballistics grade materials.

After responding to the incident along with the Park Police, they quickly found a vehicle on Constitution Ave registered to 21 year old Oscar Ortega-Hernandez along with a firearm and other evidence in the car that led them to obtaining a search warrant for Ortega-Hernandez's home. His whereabouts are unknown and police are searching for him.

"There's always an outer perimeter and this was on the very outer perimeter of our security," the Secret Service official said. "The gun and car were found within several minutes. We have a lot of security -- a lot of layered security down there and the security worked."

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