Fake Miami Gardens Doctor Oneal Ron Morris Charged with Rebuilding Butts with Cement, Fix-a-Flat and Superglue

Miami, Fla. -

30 year old Oneal Ron Morris has been charged by the Miami Gardens Police with being a fake doctor and rebuilding the butts of humans with an odd mixture of cement, Fix-a-Flat and mineral oil and then closing the incision with super glue.

In an attempt to do cosmetic surgery, Oneal Ron Morris allegedly created this bizarre concoction and injected it into his patients without telling them exactly what he was putting into them. Once done with the injection, he sealed the incision with super glue. One of his victims has become seriously ill as a result and has been hospitalized.

He faces charges of practicing medicine without a license, assault and battery, fraud, attempted manslaughter, and failing to adhere to clinical standards.

Police have said there may be other victims who are too afraid to come forward and are asking them to call the Miami Gardens PD at 305-474-1420.

According to state records, Morris does not hold a license to practice medicine in the state of Florida.

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