World's Most Expensive Green tea, $35,000 a Pound, Comes from Panda Poo

Wildlife expert An Yashi is releasing a Pando Poo Green Tea and claims it is packed with vitamins, minerals and cancer fighting agents. In case you're looking for a nice way to become $35,000 poorer and don't want any more assets, consider this Green Tea.

Panda experts say Panda bears have an especially poor digestive system, absorbing only about 30% of the nutrients they eat. And they feed on bamboo mostly, a vitamin-rich food source. Most of those vitamins are expelled in the panda's poo, making for an excellent fertilizer. Much of those vitamins and minerals are absorbed into the green tea plants.

Researchers have long said that green tea is good for you, and now An Yashi says this will be even better for you while she explained how the plants of the green tea leaves will be fertilized with the panda poo allowing it to absorb the precious nutrients.

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