Orlando, Fla. –

Spirit Airlines is promoting its new route from Orlando to Dallas this coming spring by offering tickets for $11 dollars.

The catch?

Spirit Airlines, commonly referred to as the Walmart of the Airlines as noted in a recent article of Airways Magazine, has significant fine print and nearly everything other than your seat costs extra, including buying your ticket online, having carry on luggage, checking a bag, water and drinks, pillows, blankets and so on.

But if you don’t mind sitting in the smallest seats in the airline industry for two hours, and don’t want to recline, and are willing to drive to the Orlando airport to buy your ticket to avoid fees, the savings could add up for you.

Service is to begin this coming spring, and passengers should visit Spirit Airlines’ website for more information.

P.S., when you buy your ticket at the airport, there is a fee for buying from a ticket agent; use the automated kiosks instead. Also be sure to buy your ticket as an e-ticket, don’t get it printed out, or you will also pay a fee for that. Lastly, print your own boarding pass at home before you leave for the airport, otherwise, there is a fee for that also.

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