Most Common Hacked PASSWORDS of 2011

Here's the list of most common passwords that were hacked in 2011, is your password on this list?

We often have an attitude that "it won't happen to me" in life, and being hacked is no exception. Despite repeated warnings, the unwanted urgings of our employers making us change our passwords for security purposes, and common social and communication tools like Facebook and Google's gmail warning us not to make easy passwords, million of us make easy passwords to protect some of our most private of information.

Researchers found that nearly 50% of all hacks last year involved simple and common passwords, and here's the list (in order):

Password 123456 12345678 qwerty abc123 monkey 1234567 letmein trustno1 dragon baseball 111111 iloveyou master sunshine ashley bailey passwOrd shadow 123123 secret grandma computer buttons simple 112233 test123 heaven gamma beta delta

It may seem difficult, cumbersome and frustrating to have to remember seemingly random alphanumeric passwords that spell nothing and are longer than 6 or 8 characters, but those prove to be the most secure and least hacked passwords.

So what was the most common "thing" hacked in 2011? It was email. Second, our own personal computers, and third banking information. How safe and secure is your password?

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