TSA Find Weed In Passenger's Bag, Does Not Notify Law Enforcement And Leaves Note Instead

During a recent routine inspection of checked baggage the TSA found marijuana in one passengers bag. Because the TSA is not law enforcement, they did not confiscate the weed or notify law enforcement was the rational used by the screener, instead leaving a note that read "C'mon son."

The passenger was India rapper Freddie Gibbs who was on his way to Denver for a show. In what will be sure to help any possible legal action against him, he posted a picture of the note left in his bag. It was on the official notice that TSA has opened your bag, that they are required to place in any bags they open that the note was found.

“ TSA takes all allegations of inappropriate conduct seriously and is investigating this claim,” says a spokesperson for the TSA. ” Should the claims be substantiated, TSA will take appropriate disciplinary steps and refer the alleged possession of an illegal substance to law enforcement.”

This comes not long after a recent TSA note was left behind in a woman's checked bag that had a dildo in it with the note reading "Get your freak on girl."

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