Breast Feeding Flash Mob By Mothers In Target Stores, Target Says It Supports Women Who Breast Feed In Public

The mothers of American have planned a flash mob inside Target stores in 35 states to protest the way Michelle Hickman was allegedly treated by a Texas Target store employee while she shopped and breast fed her infant.

According to reports, she was asked to go into a fitting room to continue nursing her baby but she refused insisting she can do it anywhere she pleases. After returning home later she decided to protest the incident rather than let it go.

Now, breast feeding flash mobs are planned in 35 states inside Target stores. 45 states including Florida, Texas and California have laws that specifically allow breast feeding in any public or private location except someone else's house if the owner does not permit it.

In a statement released by the retail chain, "Target has been in touch with the store to ensure all team members are aware of our breastfeeding policy. Target is proud to support all mothers who breastfeed year-round."

Some have come out against the law and the act saying with rights come responsibilities and a blanket should be used rather than just letting "it all hang out" says Jenny Angier.

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