Wild Leopard Wanders Into City, Kills 1, Scalps Another, Injures 3 More [GRAPHIC WARNING]


A wild leopard wandered into the city of Gauhati and attacked an attorney who was on his cell phone, and then moved on to attacked another and scalped him as shown in in the picture above from the AP. The picture was captured by a press photographer just as the leopard began to attack the man who was scalped.

In the first attacked, the lawyer was rushed to the hospital but died shortly thereafter. In the second attack as pictured above, the man was injured and his scalp had been clawed off.

Wildlife experts say that this was probably the result of urban growth encroaching on the leopards natural habitat.

The leopard was eventually tranquilized by police. Gauhati wildlife official Utpal Bora says authorities plan to release the animal at a wildlife park 120 miles west of the city.

Gauhati is located in the eastern portion of India.

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