Miami Beach, Fla –

18-year-old Matthew Scheidt had his bond revoked by an Osceola County judge following his arrest in Miami Beach for impersonating a police officer.

Police there say he was seen in a white Crown Victoria stopped at a red light pretending to be looking at a laptop like police do and when a real Miami Beach police officer was next to him he told the Miami Beach PD officer to put his seatbelt on.

After a routine traffic stop, police found a radio, a concealed handgun, a taser, handcuffs, Osceola County police badge along with other “police like” items.

Scheidt is already facing impersonation charges in Osceola County for his role in gaining access to patients, treating them and reviewing their private medical records while he pretended to be a physicians assistant at the Osceola Regional Medical Center. In this case, he informed the HR department that he transferred to this location and they then issued him a new ID as a physicians assistant.

He is to be transferred back to Osceola County early next week where he will have another bond hearing.

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