Contaminated Heart Medicine Kills At Least 27 In Pakistan's Punjab Province

Over one hundred people have been hospitalized in Lahore and at least 27 have died from taking contaminated heart medicine in Pakistan. Officials think thousands have taken the medicine given out by the Punjab Institute of Cardiology in the eastern city of Lahore.

"We are trying to retrieve all the medicines given out at this hospital," said Jehanzeb Khan, the Punjab health secretary.

Investigators say they think tiny bits of metal in the medicine are the cause which results in heavy bleeding of the heart. Medical experts say the actual death toll is much higher but many citizens of Pakistan do not trust the government and died without it ever being reported.

"Patients were coming in with symptoms similar to dengue fever. But then we realized it wasn't that," he said. "The one thing common in all patients was heart disease, and that they were getting medicines from the Punjab Institute of Cardiology."

A committee has been formed by the government to investigate how this could have happened. Speculation on the street is running high with many blaming the government and the United States saying the U.S. knowing provided the medicine as part of a plot to kill or assassinate Pakistanis.

The medicine was actually made in Pakistan and has since been sealed.

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