Ah, today the magical day that brings an entire nation together. Men and women of all colors, backgrounds, religion, and lifestyle come to make an ever important decision that will change the American world then watch the drama unfold. That life-altering experience is of course… The Super Bowl. Ugh yes, this is the event that practically shuts down an entire country for a Sunday and causes people to lose their souls.

Look I don’t have a problem with the game itself it’s the fact that it’s treated as the holiest day in America. Come elections in November maybe 20% participation if we’re lucky. Presidential speeches outlining the troubles of America draws scours for interrupting precious the real survivor racing wives of jersey shore. We as a country need to get involved and stop living up to the lazy American stereotypes that many Europeans have about us (I don’t care about the French’s impression because well they are the French and who cares). Now I realize the World Cup gets as much if not more attention but in fairness, it’s a global competition.

Before I get the hate mail about accusing me of being a sports hitting nerd who was always picked last in sports let say that it entirely right and I don’t hide it. I don’t mind sports or people being passionate about it. I do remember the fact that the players who are mostly overly tall thugs make more money than people who contribute to society. Yeah, you can throw a 30-yard pass without a failure. It when you cure cancer come talk to me about being worth millions of dollars.

So as you as gorge yourself on overly processed food rooting for the New England Pirates or the New York Grants think about what that says about what you value if that’s the only highlight of your year.

Disrespectfully yours,

Leo Kruz [email protected] www.Twitter.com/leo_tfnj

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