EU Regulator Approve Google's Purchase of Motorola, US Approve Appears Likely

European regulators have approved the sale of Motorola Mobility to Google making the tech giant one step closer to an all encompassing mobile computing environment. Approval from US anti-trust regulators is still pending.

“This is an important milestone in the approval process and it moves us closer to closing the deal,” Google’s vice president and deputy general counsel Don Harrison wrote in a blog post. “We are now just waiting for decisions from a few other jurisdictions before we can close this transaction.”

Last week Reuters reported the US regulators will also likely give the thumbs up to the deal worth $12.5 billion, which is what Google is paying to own Motorola. It is unlikely Google will fold Motorola into Google but instead run it as a stand-alone company and while taking advantage of Motorola assets.

In January of 2012, data use on iPhones surpassed data on macbook computers according to apple, and analyst say that is a growing trend across all types of smartphones and internet providers. Google has known this would happen when it decided to buy Motorola and take control of the hardware environment that its software runs on, at least with one smartphone maker.

With this acquisition, Google will be able to utilize Motorola's patents, it currently holds more patents than most companies, and dive further into the mobile computing world.

[pic courtesy of Mashable]

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