Head Of Sanford's Citizen Neighborhood Crime Watch Group Shoots Unarmed Teenager


Sanford, Fla. -
George Zimmerman, captain of the The Retreat at Twin Lakes Neighborhood Watch Group shot Trayvon Martin in the chest and killed him during an incident on February 26.  But the circumstances have been come under suspicion.
Martin was in Sanford from Miami with his father staying at the townhome community when his son walked to a local 7-11 to get snacks during the NBA All Star game and was on his walk back with his hands full of snacks and Iced Tea for his father when a car began following the 17 year old teenager.  It was George Zimmerman, a 26 year old man and captain of the crime watch group.  He was armed with a 9mm hand gun and had made a call to the police to report what he thought was a suspicious person.
At some point, Zimmerman stopped Martin and that is when he shot the teenager in his chest and killed him.  Zimmerman has claimed self defense.  Sanford police say Zimmerman has no criminal record and had a four year bachelors degree.
“He had a gun, and Trayvon had Skittles," and is only 140 pounds said Benjamin Crump, the family’s attorney. “We want justice.”  Sanford's police Chief, Bill Lee, said they are still investigating the circumstances and will send it tot he state attorney's office once they are done.
What is known is that after the 911 call to police, Zimmerman got into some type of an altercation with Martin which resulted in Martin being shot.  Zimmerman has only claimed self defense but some are questioning that, wondering why he even confronted the teenager since he is suppose to only call police and not get involved.
Community watch groups are not suppose to get involved, but rather report what they see to police.
The family is also considering a wrongful death lawsuit against The Retreat at Twin Lakes, which played a part in the crime watch group and published monthly newsletters listing Zimmerman as a point of contact for more information.

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