Israel Asks U.S. For Weapons To Attack Iran, Bunker Busters And Arial Refulers

Washington, D.C. -

Israel has asked the United States for weapons to attack Iran with, including "bunker-busters" and arial refuelers along with guided munitions according to the AP news.

When asked if this was true, White House spokesperson Jay Carney only replied that "there was no such agreement proposed or reached" which sidestepped the question and referred to a "proposed" agreement Israel allegedly made that it would wait to use them until next year.

Several U.S. officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed that military capabilities came up in discussions between Netanyahu and Panetta but did not elaborate. No deals were struck during those talks, the official added.

The U.S. is worried about any Israeli attack on Iran because most believe it would result in Iran retaliating against the U.S., forcing America to enter an armed conflict with Iran, something the U.S. has been reluctant to do so far. Obama has recently came out publicly saying all options are on the table and that does include military options.

According to an article in Israel's Ma'ariv newspaper, Obama committed to supplying Israel with upgraded military equipment in exchange for an agreement there would be no attack on Iran in 2012. But some question if Israel would keep such an agreement and point to past Israeli agreements with the U.S. on weapon supplies that were broken and used against the conditions of the U.S. such as anti-personel cluster bombs used in Lebanon.

Western powers suspect Iran's uranium enrichment program is aimed at stockpiling fissile material for nuclear weapons. Iran says it is strictly for civilian energy uses.

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