Sanford Crime Watch Captain George Zimmerman Did Have Previous Arrest Record in 2005 For Battery

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This is an update to a PREVIOUS ARTICLE:
Sanford neighborhood Crime Watch captain George Zimmerman has previously been arrested in 2005 for suspicion of battery on a law enforcement officer, but the charges were dropped for an unknown reason.
Zimmerman is at the center of an investigation as to why he shot and killed 17 year old Trayvon Martin while he was walking home from 7-11 with snacks for him and his father during the NBA all star game.
According to officials, Zimmerman began following Martin and called police to report a suspicion person, the 911 operator told him not to take any action and that police would be dispatched.
For an unknown reason, Zimmerman did take action and shot the teenager in the chest which resulted in the boy dying.
Zimmerman was part of the The Retreat at Twin Lakes neighborhood crime watch group, apparently organized by the community management.

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