167 Bodied Found In Cave In Chiapas Mexico, Possibly Isolated Aztec Group Unrelated to Cartel Drug Wars

Oaxaca, Mexico -

Authorities in Chiapas Mexico have found the bodies of 167 people in a cave in the southern Mexican state. The state prosecutors office released a statement that said the remains were found Friday on the Nuevo Ojo de Agua ranch in an area frequently used by Central American migrants traveling north. The statement said there were no visible signs of violence on the remains, which "break easily."

Forensic officials said they believe the remains are at least 50 years old and have been moved to the Chiapas state capital of Tuxtla Gutierrez.

While mass graves have been found in northern Mexico as a result of the cartel drug war, finding it this far south is very uncommon. According to preliminary reports, this may have nothing to do with the cartels, but rather an isolated sect of Aztecs that dies or were killed or an unknown reason.

Other previously isolated Aztec groups, who speak Zapotec or Nahuatl, have been discovered in the last half century but none are known to still exist today.

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