Accident On I-95 Near Palm Bay Kills 2, Semi Truck Slammed Into Small Car

Palm Bay, Fla. -

Two men are dead after an accident involving two cars was hit by a semi truck near mile marker 168 on I-95 in Palm Bay.

FHP are reporting that two cars were traveling south on I-95 when one rear ended the other causing both to spin out of control. Shortly after that, a semi-truck hit the Jetta and both went off the road into nearby woods.

Joachim Turtulien, who was driving the car that was rear-ended, survived the incident, but the 22 year old driver and passenger of the Volkswagon Jetta did not survive.

FHP has not released the names of the deceased yet.

Carlos Ranieri was driving the semi-truck who said that he did not see the Jetta until it was too late.

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