Mitt Romney Wins Northern Marianas Delegates Collecting 87% Of The Vote

Mitt Romney has won nine more delegates in the Northern Mariana Islands Presidential Preference Poll, and this follows his recent wins on Super Tuesday where he won 9 other states.

The Northern Mariana Islands are a U.S. Territory located on the other side of the International Date Line not far from Guam, and closer to the Philippines than the U.S. mainland, or about 8,200 miles from Washington D.C.

"I was so pleased to talk with Mitt Romney yesterday and it was clear from that conversation he will not forgot us here in the [Northern Mariana Islands]," said Gov. Benigno Fitial, the chairman of the local Republican Party and head of the Islands' delegation to the Republican National Convention in Tampa. "I encourage the hundreds of thousands of Pacific Islanders living in the Continental U.S. to follow our lead and please support Governor Mitt Romney in the coming months."

Rick Santorum was a distant second with 6%, followed by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Texas Rep. Ron Paul who each received 3%.

Romney also won the nine delegates from Guam and Saipan on Saturday, local time, Friday in most of the U.S.

Kansas and the U.S. Virgin Islands are voting today for their presidential hopeful.

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